Oops I did it again..

I feel like I keep apologizing for taking breaks. It’s always the same excuse too. However, now that I have time, I want to get back into blogging. I have missed it the past three months! Here’s hoping I actually stay on track this time.

Since I have been gone three months, it’s time for updates!

1. I’M ALL DONE UNIVERSITY!!! I had my last exam on Saturday. I am officially done my degree! It’s a weird feeling because I’m not going to be looking for a full time job that has to do with my degree for a little while. This summer I’ll be going back to my summer job for the 8th year in a row! I decided last summer that I was going to go back for one more year. That’s one of the reasons why I don’t be looking for a job right away.

2. Another is that I’m going to Germany in September! I booked my ticket about a month ago to go spend almost 3 months in Europe. Matthias is going back to Germany on May 1st and I fly there on September 11th. While there, the plan is to look into getting a job so I can stay longer. I’m really excited to go, but also really nervous. The only time I flew on a plane was when I was a baby so I’ve never really flown before. Not only will I be flying for basically the first time, but I’ll be going to Europe and will have 2 layovers. I’ve never left North America before so there’s going to be a lot of firsts. As nervous as I am to go, I am way more excited!!

3. I changed the theme again. I’ve decided I like simple ones for right now. This one screams simple. It’ll probably stay this way for awhile unless I change my mind again haha.

Besides those three updates, everything has been pretty chill here. I’ve been busy with school and when I was not busy, I was hanging out with friends or Matthias. Even though I am done my exams, I am still at university being an RA for another 10 days. My plan is to relax, go to the gym, catch up on TV series, and hang out with my friends who I won’t be seeing that often anymore. I will also be getting back on the blogging wagon. I’m looking forward to posting and coming up with new ideas.

Hope everyone has a great day!

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