Snow Day

Hi friends! How is everyone’s hump day going? I just thought I would pop in to talk about what happened yesterday!

In my four years of being at university, I’ve never seen a full day cancelled because of snow. I’ve had classes cancelled or the morning cancelled, but never the full day. Well that all changed yesterday! We had a full snow day!! I figured they wouldn’t cancel the morning classes, but would probably close campus for the afternoon and evening. I woke up at seven to an email saying campus was closed for the whole day. I was so happy! On one hand, I wanted to go to class (especially rock climbing), but on the other hand I didn’t. I rolled back over and slept in until nine My belly was rumbling so I headed down to breakfast. As much as I knew I needed to get work done, I relaxed the majority of the day. I did do an Insanity workout that kicked my butt in the afternoon though! I was so sweaty and my face was really red when I finished.


After supper, we had a PartyLite party in the house. It was fun to get a little group of people together for a couple of hours. I ended up ordering this really cool massage candle. You burn it for ten minutes and blow it out. You can take the oil and massage it into your skin! It smells and feels so nice on the skin! I’m excited to receive it!


I also wanted to talk about the amount of snow we ended up getting yesterday. It was blowing all day and we definitely got a lot of snow. This is a lot from morning to the evening. My car is on the left in the second picture. Talk about fun cleaning that out today. It wasn’t too bad since the snow was really light and fluffy. It’s been snowing most of today too, but not nearly as much as yesterday. We’re suppose to be getting more on Friday and Monday. It’s crazy to think that we barely had any snow this time last week.



Enjoy the rest of your day!

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