New Week, New Me

Hello Everyone! How is your Monday going?

My Monday has been pretty going well; I had a lab at 9:30, a class at 11:30, and am just waiting for my last class to start at 1:30. I’ll be hitting up the gym afterwards and I am so excited. I’ve been wanting to sweat it out all weekend. I think I’m going to focus on lower body today! After the gym, I have some work I seriously need to get done. I also want to get some stuff organized for the next few weeks.

This weekend was busy, but relaxing. I babysat on Saturday for eight hours. They had me running all over the place. Waking up early was hard, but always being on the move woke me up pretty fast. Following babysitting, Matthias and I ventured out to Boston Pizza for supper. We were going to go see the Wedding Ringer, but it had started snowing pretty bad when we left for the restaurant so we decided to do the movies another night. They have a new 10 for $10 menu at BP and I ordered something off of that. I decided on the Santa Fe Chicken Quesadilla with Sweet Potato Fries. I devoured it as soon as it came to the table so no picture to post. Here’s one from the website. Driving home afterwards the roads were pretty slippery so I was happy that we decided to postpone the movie.

On Sunday, I slept in and it was wonderful. Following brunch, I tried to do work, but my motivation has been low the past couple of weeks. We had a Q&A session for people in the house that are applying for an RA position. It was a really good session and the residents that came seemed to get their questions answered. Following this, we had our weekly house team meeting. This is one of my favourite things of the week because all 10 of us are together and we talk about any issues, but also hang out. The meeting ran a little late so I couldn’t make it to indoor field hockey this week which kind of blows, but it is what it is. We are planning a superbowl party, so we spend a lot of time discussing ideas for snacks. I really want to make a Snackadium and a Chocolate Brownie Cheesecake Ball! Does anyone else have any plans for Superbowl Sunday?


Chocolate Brownie Cheesecake Ball:

And that brings us to now! Class is about to start so I’ll end it here. I hope everyone has a great Monday!


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