Weekend Recap

Good Afternoon! How was everyone’s weekend? I had a fun, relaxing one.

Friday night, I had a date night with my boyfriend Matthias. We went to a German restaurant that he had been really wanting to go to. He’s from Germany and here for a year being an RA and going to school so he was really missing the food he usually eats. It was my first time eating German food and it was absolutely amazing! Hands down my new favourite restaurant!

After we were done eating, we went home and started watching the first Harry Potter movie. I quickly realized how tired I was so we headed to bed a little earlier than usual.

Saturday afternoon we had RA training for a few hours. Following this, a group of us headed to the gym. I did legs with a focus on my quads. Saturday night, Matthias and I were on duty together so we hung out all night. We did a few rounds, but the house was pretty quiet with no issues. Shortly after midnight we headed to bed.

Sunday was another lazy day. We went to a couple volleyball games in the afternoon. After supper we lazed around. We had a meeting at eight and after that I headed to the first indoor field hockey night of the year! It was awesome playing again, but only four others showed up so that sucked. I’m hoping next week there will be a bigger turnout.

Now it’s Monday and I’m done with classes for the day. I really need to get my butt in gear and crack down on some readings. I also have some assignments sneaking up on me. I’m hoping to get organized today and get some started.

Let me know what you got up to this weekend! Have a good day!


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