MIMM #16

Good Morning! Long time no chat! I meant to post last week, but have been soaking up as much summer as I can. Between work and hanging out with my friends, I haven’t had much spare time. I go back to school on Friday for proctor training so I’m kind of in a yolo (anyone else love and hate that word) mood! I thought I would post about some marvelous things that have happened over the past couple weeks today! A big thank you to Katie for hosting this link up!

Marvelous is…

Seeing friends! I’ve been hanging out with a lot of friends the past few weeks since I won’t be seeing them when I go back to school. We has a little mini reunion with everyone in town that lived in my old residence! I also had a staff party last week and a couple other parties with some of my oldest friends! My best friend was in Italy all summer working as a nanny so getting to see her the other week was fantastic! We went out for lunch and caught up on everything we missed over the summer.

Marvelous is…

Not dying on a run! I haven’t been running as much as I would have liked, but I went for one last Thursday and it wasn’t completely awful! I’m hoping to get in at least two before I leave on Friday! I also got to rock my new hat!

Marvelous is…

Work! I’ve mentioned it before, but I love my job. I only have three shifts left and I’m really sad about it. I’ve already decided I’m going back next summer, but I know it isn’t ever the same because not all the same people come back. There is also a management supper the Monday after I leave for training so I am really hoping to make it back for that. I’m not getting my hopes up because part of accepting a proctorship means you’re fully committed for training week. I also haven’t met my dons yet so I am waiting until I get there to ask about it.

Marvelous is…

Yummy breakfast! Yesterday I noticed I had a ripe banana so I made some protein pancakes for breakfast. I warmed up some frozen strawberries and put them on top!

Marvelous is…

Thanking people! I’ve been thinking about doing something for my awesome management team at work before I leave and think I figured it out. I’m going to make them a little treat and write a nice card. I’m still not completely sure what I’m making for them. I was thinking Julie’s Red Velvet Cake Brownies (I’ve made them before and they are to die for) or Kasey’s Cookie Ball Truffles! If anyone has any ideas that are quick and peanut free please let me know!

Anyways, I have to go pick up some things for school! I hope everyone has a great day! I’ll be back Wednesday with a WIAW!


2 thoughts on “MIMM #16

  1. Don’t worry about not blogging last week. Everyone gets busy in life – it happens. Glad to hear your doing well though. Sorry about only having a few shifts left, but hey @least it gives you something to look forward to next yr 🙂

    As for treats, check out Court @ Sweet tooth sweet life’s page. I’ve made a few of her cupcakes and they were delicious!

    1. Thanks girl! That’s what I keep telling myself too 🙂

      I love her recipes, but have never made any of them. I might just have to try one of them. All of her cupcake recipes sound so good!

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