MIMM #15

Good Morning! How was everyone’s weekend? I worked all weekend and had a rough stomach issue happen so mine wasn’t too great. Whenever I have a bad day, I try to think as positively as possible and tell myself that tomorrow is a new day. Anyways, I’m kicking off the week with my usual Marvelous in my Monday post. As always I cannot forget to thank Katie for starting and hosting this great weekly link-up!

MiMM MIMM #108 Relaxing and PIYO Power!Marvelous is…

A decent run! I didn’t have the best day at work on Friday so I thought I would go for a run after work. I did 3.6 km and only had to walk twice and it was up a hill so it wasn’t for too long. Also, my pace was just under 6:00 min/km! I haven’t been running in awhile so I was super pumped to see this!10440890_10154454114645377_2628854873177931923_n

Marvelous is…

Trying new recipes! We had a potluck at work Thursday night and I finally made Chocolate Covered Katie’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip! It was AMAZING! Not to mention, everyone that tried it seemed to love it! I’d show pictures, but it’s all gone!

Marvelous is…

Getting pretty things in the mail! I finally got my July Julep box. For those that don’t know, Julep does monthly boxes that started with just nail polish, but have expanded to body lotion, makeup, and other things. I always get excited to open them because the packaging is always super cute. This month I got three polishes: Braiden, Linden, and Dawn. I’m really excited to try these colours out!10414908_10154454114655377_2271011733416765894_n

Marvelous is…

Days off! I’m off today and Wednesday and it’s so nice to have a day to recharge. I’m heading to the gym in a bit, going to get groceries, meal prepping, then hanging out with a friend I think.

Marvelous is…

Luna bars! They were on sale at my grocery store a couple weeks ago so I thought I would pick some up to try. So far, I’ve tried Caramel Nut Brownie, Nutz Over Chocolate and S’mores. Nutz Over Chocolate is by far my favourite, but S’mores is really good too!10537438_10154454114650377_6068070814627042092_n

I hope everyone has a great day! I’ll check back in on Wednesday!


2 thoughts on “MIMM #15

    1. I know! I usually skip them because I have way too much polish, but every now and then I’ll get one. I don’t think I’ve ever been disappointed with them 🙂

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