MIMM #14

Good Morning! I hope everyone had a great weekend! Today is a day off for me and I’m spending the morning at my mom’s before heading home after my safety inspection appointment. I thought I would share what I got up to the past few days. A big thanks to Katie for hosting this marvelous link up every week!

Marvelous is…

Pancakes that are super simple to make! These ones are made with a mashed banana, two eggs, and some cinnamon. When they were ready, I topped them with applesauce, cinnamon, and blueberries. Yummy in my tummy! I ate this Friday before going hiking.

Marvelous is…

Going hiking! My friend and I did a ten kilometre hike on Friday and I absolutely loved it! I’ve never really been hiking before so it was new to me, but I really want to go again.

We also stopped on our way home and was able to see this beautiful view!

Marvelous is…

A chocolate milkshake at 8:30 am. I stopped at the market on my way into work on Saturday because a new milkshake stand opened. If you know me, you know that milkshakes are my favourite! The stand uses local ingredients and even makes their own ice cream! They also had super cute straws!

Marvelous is…

Being with family. After work on Saturday, I headed to my Aunt’s place for a BBQ and ate way too much. I had a burger, ribs, salad, and strawberry shortcake.10369918_10154428005315377_4100777064908527807_n


Hope everyone has a great day!


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