Friday Favourites #3

Good Afternoon! I haven’t posted in over a week! I guess I still have to plan better. I thought I would share some of my favourites today. A big thanks to Heather for starting and hosting this weekly linkup. I always love seeing what people are loving at the moment!

Housewife Glamour

Cavendish Beach Music Festival (#CBMF2014)

This year’s CBMF was last weekend and it was one of the best times in my life. For those that don’t know, CBMF is an annual country festival held in Cavendish, PEI. I’m actually working on a recap post so I don’t want to spill too much right now, but I thought I would share one of the many pictures I took. Stay tuned for my recap that should be up (cross your fingers) by Monday. The picture below is from Dean’ Brody’s set.

Taco Lettuce Wraps

The past two days at work, I’ve brought stuff to make tacos in my lunch. Instead of using tortillas, I’ve been using romaine lettuce leaves. I add in ground beef, sweet potatoes, plain Greek yogurt, and cheese. This is so good! I’ll try and remember to snap a picture the next time I have them.


I work at a water park during the summer and I couldn’t love it more. This is my seventh summer working there and I am still excited to go to work every morning. The feeling of making someone’s day better or seeing someone really excited is one of the best things ever. My favourite part of the job, is talking to the kids that come to the park and seeing if they are having fun. They are usually super excited when they see they are tall enough to ride certain slides.

Getting back on track

After CBMF last weekend, I was excited to get back to eating well and working out. Since I was at a festival, there wasn’t the best food choices. I ate a lot of junk and drank a lot of beer. I got home Monday evening and began to make a plan for the week. I made it to the gym three days and ate relatively healthy. I did have some chocolate ice cream after work one night. I wasn’t going to, but it was going to go bad the next day so I was only trying to help haha.

I’m hoping to get some runs in too in the next week. I went out and bought a hand held water bottle so I am excited to try that out.


I just went to the mall and there are sales everywhere! I stopped at Bath and Body Works and picked up a few things. I stayed away from the candles because I would have gone crazy for them. I ended up picking up 4 scentables for my car that were buy 3, get 1 free. I also picked up 3 hand soaps for $10! The summer scents are so good and I wanted to make sure I would have some for when the weather starts getting cooler. I love summer and having summer scents no matter what time of the year it is always makes me happy.

That’s it for me today. I’m off to go get some lunch. I hope everyone has a great weekend! I’ll be sure to get the CBMF post up as soon as I can.


2 thoughts on “Friday Favourites #3

  1. Thanks so much for linking up! Working at a water park must be so fun! I love indulging at times, but I agree… it feels so great to get back on a healthy eating and fitness schedule! Hope you had a great weekend 🙂

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