WIAW #17

Good Morning! To all my fellow Canadians, I hope you had a wonderful Canada Day yesterday!

I was going to go watch the fireworks last night, but after I got home from work around 7, I was absolutely exhausted. We’ve been having a bit of a heat wave over here and where I was working yesterday doesn’t have working ac so it was hotter inside than out. Since I was working on Canada Day, I painted my nails to celebrate. (Don’t mind the ratchet looking pinkie nail and a not-so great paint job.

Today, I’m going to be sharing what I eat on a work day for the most part. As always, a big thank you to Jenn for hosting WIAW every week.

What I Ate Wednesday Tuesday

Breaky: these are some really bad pictures, but I had chocolate overnight oats with banana and almond butter


Lunch: while on break, I had ground turkey, quinoa and orange peppers as well as peach-mango Greek yogurt, and some carrots

Supper: I had the intention of going to the gym after work so I ate an (unpictured) Cookies N Creme Quest bar, but realized on my way home that I was too tired. When I got home, my dad said that he had left me some garlic fingers so I had those.

Snack: it wouldn’t be a holiday without pie and ice cream so I had a piece of apple pie heated up with butterscotch ripple ice cream. I totally forgot to take a picture until I only had ice cream left (oops)

I hope everyone has a great day!


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