21st Birthday!

Good Morning!

If anyone read my post yesterday, you’ll know it was my 21st birthday! I still find it hard to believe. I thought I would share what I did.

I woke bright and early at 6 am! I’m down helping my mom with her cleaning business for a few days. Today was my first day with her and we had four houses to do. We finished the first one in about three hours then headed to the next. That one took us about an hour and a half. Afterwards, we took a little lunch break and ran an errand. The last two hours took around two hours each. The best part about the last house is that they have a daughter. She is almost a year old and has started crawling everywhere lately. She was absolutely adorable!

After we were done cleaning, we went and picked up a few things for supper. I decided I wanted tacos for my birthday supper. We also found a Cookies and Creme cheesecake that I decided I wanted for my birthday cake!


I was expecting it to be a lot better than it was! Don’t get me wrong, cheesecake is going to be good no matter what, but I had higher expectations for it. The cheesecake was coated in white chocolate which made it super rich and kind of hard to eat. It could also be because I don’t usually eat a lot of super sweet things anymore.

After the amount of junk I have been eating the past few days, I think it is time to do a bit of a reset and try to limit junk food.

I hope everyone has a great day!


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