Fun Facts Friday [5/9]

Good Afternoon! Today is absolutely gorgeous out!

1. Hot Yoga! I went to my very first hot yoga (yoga in general) class yesterday. I have always been really nervous about going to one because of the heat and humidity. I made sure to drink water throughout the morning and have a small snack right before the class. I only felt nauseous once, but we were going down on the mat for the rest of the class so it worked out well. My friend likes to go in ten minutes before to lay down and insure her body is used to the heat. I think this helped a lot for my first time. I left feeling super sweaty and like a new person. I definitely plan on going back again!

2. Gym! I purchased a membership on Tuesday and have gone twice since then. It feels great to lift weights again. I did biceps and triceps on Wednesday. This morning I did chest and back. I was going to do legs, but my hamstrings were sore from yoga (from what I assume).

3. Chocolate frogs (or macaroons) are one of my favourite desserts. I made a batch of healthier ones the other day. I included banana, chia seeds, stevia, and pure maple syrup instead of a lot of butter and sugar. They are not as sweet as I am used to, but they help curb sugar cravings.

4. Green pancakes! I posted about these in my WIAW, but they are hands down one of my favourite new breakfasts! I blend spinach, oats, cinnamon, protein, and egg before pouring on a hot pan. I love topping them with chia seeds and honey.

5. Blogging! I am loving getting back into blogging! I really want to find a way to post everyday and improve the quality of my posts.

6. I turn 21 next week! It is already hard enough to believe that I graduate next year, but I am going to be legal everywhere in the world! I don’t really think I am going to do anything on the day of. A few of my friends and I all have birthdays around the same time so we might do a big party for all of us as well as a going away party for one of my friends.

That’s about it for me today. Have a great weekend! I’ll stop in at some point!

Is there any workout/fitness class you want to try, but are nervous to?

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