Where Have I Been?

Hello! 🙂

Long time no talk I know! This past year was crazy busy with school and I was not prepared for both. That being said, I am home from university and have four months to better prepare myself for my final year of my undergrad. I really want to start blogging again, I missed it!

I’m hoping my time away has inspired me to be a better writer (not grammatically, that will never happen). I want to not only write better posts, but also try new things. I only blogged for a couple months last summer so I am no where close to being a “big time” blogger, but I really want to improve and am going to work hard this summer at creating a base so I can continue next year when I’m at school. 

I have a lot of goals this summer that I wanted to share today. I think one of the most important things about goals is getting them out there, talking to people about them, writing them down, and doing something about them! New Years is not the only time someone can make resolutions!

1. Get in shape: I have slacked the past few months and I really want to work hard at getting a routine going

2. Try hot yoga: one of my friend goes and I have always wanted to try it 

3. Eat better: eating at a dining hall for eight months has been rough on my body. I want to work on incorporating whole, filling foods into my diet so I feel and perform better

4. Blog more: this is definitely something I know I can do and I am going to try my best at it

5. Run a half-marathon: this is one of my main goals this summer and I would love to say I am doing it no matter what, but I’m not a runner. I play field hockey, but I don’t always find running enjoyable. I am going to start a training plan and I find myself having fun, I’ll keep doing it and hopefully run a half-marathon

Those are my five main goals for the summer. Almost all of them have to do with fitness and while I find summer is the perfect time to get more active, I know plans and work are going to come up all the time. I want to make my best effort at leading a healthier life, but it is also the last summer before I graduate university so I know I can’t beat myself up if I slip up a little bit. My number one goal this summer is to have fun and soak up what could be my last summer before entering the real world. That is scary to think about!

I hope everyone has a great day!

What are some of your goals for the summer?



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