Happy Monday Folks! I was up around 6 this morning to head to the gym and get a leg day in before 8 (I’ll fill you in a little later). I thought I would kick this morning off with a Marvelous in my Monday Post. A big thanks to Katie for hosting this weekly link up!

Marvelous is…

Going to my first hockey game of the season Friday night! I watched as our team won 3-2! Hockey games also mean popcorn! I made sure to get a bag to share with my friends. Friday night was a great way to kick off homecoming weekend!

Marvelous is…

Running my first race on Saturday! I ran a 5km with my friend. We finished together in 28:06! My only goal was to finish under 30 minutes and I did!1157639_10153314979745377_1574882245_n

Marvelous is…

Seeing everyone get decked out and go to the football game. I could only stay for an hour, but I love hearing everyone cheering!

Marvelous is…

Getting some extra field time. Our team headed to the next team over to play against the high school team and a team that just started. It was great to get some extra practice time in since we don’t get that much.

Marvelous is…

ASSASSINS! If you don’t know what assassins is then let me explain. You’re given a target and to eliminate them you have to hit them with a pair of socks without any witnesses. Our residence plays it and it will get super intense! Alliances will form and everyone will go into sketch mode until they’re eliminated. It is so much fun!

Have a great Monday and see you on Wednesday! 🙂


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