Hello everyone! Anyone else find getting up this morning rough? I had a busy few days so I think I am a little wore out.

Marvelous is…

Seeing my mom Friday night and getting a new phone! Marcus and I headed to my mom’s house for supper. I had a blackberry before that was getting really frustrating. It used to shut off randomly and not turn back on until I plugged it into the charger. Anyways, I ended up getting an iPhone 4s! Since the new iPhones came out this one was now $0! Being a university student, I jumped at the chance. While there, she gave me a box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch which I just ate half the box this afternoon (not so marvelous, oops).1239870_10153292563925377_988729503_n

Marvelous is…

FIELD HOCKEY! This weekend was our first tournament and although I’m super sore, it was so much fun! The pictures below are of the rigs we rented, in between game foot soaks with my bff, reuniting with one of my girls who I only saw once this summer, and what always happens (getting hit in the ankle with the ball and sticks). After five games, sleep came easy over the weekend.602032_10153292563935377_145346052_n

Marvelous is…

These Kleenex. They are cool touch so they are super awesome when your nose is inflamed like mine is. I came down with a cold on Friday (yes the day before my tournament) so my nose is quite sore today. I don’t know what I would have do without them!529433_10153292563930377_1733250941_n

Marvelous is…

The July Kona Kase! I finally got it from my sister on Saturday. It came in the mail like two days after I left so I waited until now to get it. I got:

1. Larabar in Carrot Cake: I’ve eaten half of it and it’s pretty tasty

2. Justin’s Almond Butter: I am so excited to try this!

3. Greenola: this looks a little sketch (like some kind of drug), but I love coconut so I’m pumped to try this.

4. Quest Bar: OMG! I’ve been wanting to try these for forever! I got the White Chocolate Raspberry flavour, but haven’t tried it yet.

5. Biotrust Protein Cookies: this seems like it will be good.

6. Rise Protein Bar: this will probably be pretty tasty as well.

7. Krave Chili Lime Jerky: not really a fan of jerky so I’ll probably pass this on to someone else.


Have a great day! I’ll be back on Wednesday with a look at my eats!


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