Happy Hump Day! I can’t believe it is already Wednesday! I also remembered to take pictures yesterday so after a week hiatus I’m back with a look at what I ate.

Just a note: get used to meal hall dishes and trays for the next 7 and a half months.

As always, a big thank you to Jenn for hosting this weekly blog link up. If you want to see what others are eating take a look at her site!

What I Ate Wednesday Tuesday

Pre-practice: the usual banana

Breaky: plain oatmeal with banana and hardboiled egg white, oranges, greet tea, and waterIMG-20130917-00213

Lunch: shrimp stir fry with snap peas, green peppers, leeks, and a sweet & spicy sauce. I also had a cup of vanilla yogurt.IMG-20130917-00214

Supper: pork, mashed potatoes, and carrots. I dipped my pork in a bbq/hot pepper sauce I mixed together.IMG-20130917-00216

Snacks: apple, piece of toast with butter, and multigrain cheerios. Please ignore the half eaten apple picture, I almost forgot to take a picture of it.IMG-20130917-00215

I also want to share with you another picture I took yesterday! As much as I hate getting up at 5:30 for field hockey practice, I love watching the sun rise over the field as we play. Here’s a picture of the sun at 7:30 once we were through with practice.IMG-20130917-00212

Have a good day! 🙂


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