Fun Facts Friday [13/09]

TGIF! Here’s a few things that have been happening to me!

1. I’ve been sucking at blogging! I need to get into the habit of writing them the night before I put them up or start having a stock pile of them to put up. I also need to remember to take pictures of my food, it’s hard to do that when I’m eating at meal hall with people around! I have a few ideas for some posts for the next few days so I may get to work on those.

2. My residence does an annual charity dance for our house charity. The event is tonight and I couldn’t be more excited! Last year we raised over four grand! The charity that we donate to helps women and children fleeing from domestic violence get back on their feet The money we raise helps with 65-70% of their budget so we make a big difference. Last year we raised almost |$16 000 and this year we’re hoping for $20 000!

3. I went to the gym yesterday and had an awesome sweat sesh. I did a little interval work for about seventeen minutes on the treadmill before doing a good arm workout. I was going to go this morning and do chest/back, but instead of getting up I turned off my alarm. Anyone else do this?

4. For those that weren’t aware, yesterday was National Milkshake Day! Meal hall had milkshakes at supper and I treated myself to one. I think they made it with puppy paws and chocolate ice cream and peanut butter. I’m assuming puppy paws because there was little caramel cups at the bottom. It was a nice little surprise!

5. Date squares are my biggest weakness! They’ve had them at the dessert bar the past few days and I keep eating them everyday. I need to just avoid the dessert bar today! I always have a really healthy lunch then completely butcher it and get dessert. I know it’s fine to treat yourself every once in awhile, but I need to stop making it a habit of getting it everyday!

6. My classes this year are so much more hands-on and I love it! In my sport psych class we have a lab almost every week. Yesterday the lab was on goal setting and we were doing wall sits. I held mine for 4:38 and 4:39! I’ve never done one that long before! I was the last one standing (or should I say sitting) from my group. We were just the control group so we were told to do our best. The other group had someone hold it for 10:04! I was talking to her after and she had a leg day the day before so she was pretty sore. The second time group b did their wall sit they had to hold for 30 seconds more. So she had to hold it for 10:34! That’s crazy to me! She was struggling around the 6 or 7 minute mark, but she held on and dropped at 10:40!

7. Tomorrow morning a few girls and I are going to run down to the market. I think I might just keep running and then hit the gym on the was up. I’m also trying hot yoga on Sunday! I’ve never done any kind of yoga and I’m not flexible at all so I’m a little nervous. Does anyone have any tips? I figured to start hot yoga would be easiest since it will loosen me up more.

Have a great Friday everyone!

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