Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of posts this past week! As many of you know, I came back to university last Wednesday to start getting ready for the new students to come. It was my second year as an orientation member so I knew what to expect, but it was still a lot of work, not a lot of sleep, but completely worth it! We have a great group this year and I can’t wait to get closer with all of them. I thought I would give you a recap of this past week!

Wednesday: After not sleeping a wink Tuesday night, I was up and on the road around 9:30. I checked in shortly after eleven and moved all my stuff in to my room. I’m in the same room as last year so I knew how much to bring. I headed to lunch shortly after twelve. To be honest I don’t even remember what I ate (sorry). That afternoon and evening was spent unpacking and doing team bonding. Myself and the other nine orientation committee members went mini-golfing and then out to frozen yogurt!

Thursday: We started training around 9 and had a break for lunch before going and listening to some speakers. One of the highlights of last year was a motivational speaker and he was back again so I was super pumped about that! He is hilarious and I could listen to him talk all day. After supper we began prepping for the new students to come! Decorating, cleaning, and buying supplies filled up a few hours. I headed out for a little run around 8. I thought it was a little cold so I wore a long sleeve shirt. What a mistake that was; I was burning up not even five minutes in. My watch only kicked in about a kilometre after I started so in total I ran 4.46km and it probably took me about 30 minutes. My university is on a huge hill so it was a rough go on the way back.

Friday: More training and prepping. That night a few of us also went and got frozen yogurt again. We finished up any last minute things then headed to bed to get a good night sleep before the new students moved in.

Saturday: MOVE IN DAY! As an orientation committee member we move all the new students stuff to their rooms. It’s pretty tiring, but a lot of fun at the same time. We threw a frisbee around and played a lot of Ninja! After everyone was moved in we did some ice breakers and taught them our cheers. After supper we got ready and headed to the cheer off. It is always a lot of fun and this time there was no exception. I had pretty much lost my voice at this point, but I still shouted as loud as I could. Afterwards, I supervised the dance for a little while before coming back and heading to bed around 1.

Sunday: Wake up is always my favourite. We blast music and bang on the student’s doors. After breakfast we taught everyone our flash mob dance. Ever since my first year, we’ve done a flash mob during orientation week. This year my friend and I choreographed a dance to Wop by J Dash. We aren’t dancers so we kept it super simple and everyone caught on really quick! There was also a toga social with another residence that night.

Wop–J Dash

 Monday: Following breakfast, we had sex talk. We basically just talk about ways to keep yourself safe and different things you can contract. Then we ask the boys ten questions and they ask us ten questions, we answer and switch back to read the answers. This is always hilarious. Monday afternoon we had a big corn boil and the moment I was looking forward to… the flash mob! It went pretty well, I remember looking over my shoulder and seeing everyone in synch. It was one of the coolest things!

Tuesday: All the new students headed to academic orientation and all of us headed for naps. Well at least I tried, I couldn’t get to sleep so I worked on some prep work for the welcoming ceremony that night. I did up certificates for all the students. After lunch I headed to the gym. After not going to the gym for a week I knew it was going to be rough. I did fifteen minutes on the stair stepper before going through a leg workout. That evening we had our welcoming ceremony to welcome everyone into the house.

Wednesday: The new students had orientation again so after my breakfast had been digested, I headed to the gym again. I ran on the treadmill for about fifteen minutes then did a chest workout. After lunch I went and paid the rest of my fees and went and bought a textbook. I thought my friend had a physics textbook I could use so I was just going to buy the other component I need from a girl for $30. However, she had the wrong one so I just ended up buying the whole package for $181.75! I forgot how much brand new textbooks cost. Last year I was able to buy all of textbooks used and paid less than I did for just one this year! Needless to say, my wallet took a bit of a beating today!

I hope to get my posting back to normal over the next couple of days. Have a good day!


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