Weekend Recap

Hello everyone! After a fun filled long weekend I am back home and headed back to work today. I thought I would recap my weekend away at my boyfriend’s place.

Mom and my step-dad picked me up around 3:00 and we were on the road. We stopped around 5:30 for supper at Subway before driving the rest of the way. We pulled in around 6:30. Marcus and I took a trip to his Aunt and Uncle’s ice cream shop while our parents took a little drive as well. Afterwards, we sat out on the front porch catching up and eating chips and nacho dip.

I was up around 7:30 and headed out for a run. Upon returning, I showered and headed downstairs. Breakfast was bacon, eggs, toast, sausage, potatoes, and fruit. Afterwards, the parents took a trip to some craft stores while Marcus and I just hung out around the house. We played a few card games, COD, and made smoothies. Around 4, we headed over to his uncle’s for a BBQ. I had plenty of chips, burger, steak, potatoes, salad, and cake there. We played washer toss and had a bon fire where I had a couple s’mores. When we arrived home, we had some chocolate macaroons and played a couple rounds of Racko.

I was up around 7 and headed for a run. After my shower we had the same breakfast as Saturday although I skipped the sausage and potatoes and added my fruit to some yogurt. Afterwards, the parents headed shopping at some outlets and flea markets. Marcus and I went with his sister and her boyfriend while they got some pictures done. It was out job to look after their son when needed. Afterwards, Marcus, my parents, an I went for an ice cream and to a few little shops around his town. That afternoon we sat out, enjoyed some cheese, grapes, crackers, and sweets we had picked up. That night we went out for supper where I got a Vegetarian Risotto. I probably ate about a third of it and was planning on bringing the rest home, but forgot it in my parent’s car when they dropped me off. Afterwards, we played some Rummy Tiles and I had some more chocolate macaroons.

I was up around 7 and went on my last run of my vacation. Breakfast today was egg and ham sandwiches on english muffins. I also had some fruit on the side. We packed up and were on the road around 9:30.

I wish I had of taken pictures, but I was just too excited to be spending time with people I love to take my camera out. I did take a picture each morning on my run which is below. After a weekend of a lot of fun, sweets, and relaxing, I am ready to get back on track with my meals and get back to work.

I love running in new places, it makes it so much more interesting for me. I ran along the river, on the main road, and on a trail. Each day I took a different route and tried not to get lost.
PicMonkey Collage4

1. I couldn’t get my GPS to work on the first run, but I ran for about 20 minutes
2. 4.13km, 5:59/km pace
3. 2.80km, 6:01/km pace

I know they aren’t the longest runs, but I just wanted to get out every morning and get my heart rate up a little bit. This morning I didn’t want to take too long because it was the last morning I had and I wanted to make sure to have lots of time with boyfriend before heading out. During my runs if I took any walking breaks I was attacked by mosquitoes so I had motivation to keep moving.

I hope everyone has a great day, I’ll catch up with you guys tomorrow with a new WIAW!


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