Fun Facts Friday [8/2]

Happy Friday Everyone!

1. Like everyone else, I cannot believe it is August already! I head back to school in 26 days! July flew by and I am excited to see what the last month of summer will bring.

2. Today marks the end of the Jaime Eason LiveFit Program! I’ll have a review post up within the next couple of days. I’ll miss the already planned workouts, but I am excited to start making my own plans and going to more fitness classes!

3. I have my first weekend off all summer and I am headed to spend it with my boyfriend later this afternoon. I couldn’t be happier! It has been almost two months since we’ve seen each other.

4. I have been loving protein pancakes this week. I’m pretty sure I had them everyday!IMG-20130722-00148

5. I went to spin this morning and had one of the best times. It was crazy hard, but the instructor was super motivating and uplifting.

6. I’m leaving in less then two hours and I have yet to pack. I hate it so I’ve been procrastinating by painting my nails and watching Sydney White!DSCF1524DSCF1518





Have a great weekend everyone! I’ll try and pop in while I’m away 🙂


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