Cottage Day

Good morning everyone!

After my fail of cauliflower pizza I headed out to our cottage with my sister; my cousin came up with her son. I wasn’t planning on going in the water, but a game of tag broke out with the little kids and I couldn’t say no. After awhile we headed back up to make supper. My sister and I barbequed chicken, carrots, and sweet potatoes. It was delicious! We headed back into town and stopped for some fro yo. All the running around tired me out and I was asleep before 10!

Since doing the LiveFit program I’ve only been sore the day after a workout three or four times. This morning was a different story, a mix of leg day and running around left my hamstrings sore and tight this morning. I pushed through my workout and am sitting around until I go into work.

Hope everyone had a great day!


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