Food Prep #1

Hello folks! I thought I would start showing my food prep every week. It may not be every Sunday, but whenever I prep some food I will post about it!

Last night, I made chicken and sweet potatoes. I topped the containers with some frozen broccoli and green beans. These six meals will be taken to work over the next few days. I also cut up some carrots. DSCF1487

Don’t you just love seeing a full fridge SmileDSCF1488

I picked up some apples, peaches, greek yogurt, and egg whites while at the store. The cauliflower in the top left corner will be used to try out a recipe tomorrow. I’ll be sure to post about it whether it turns out to be a fail or great! I haven’t had greek yogurt in about a year so I’m excited to try some of that with different toppings!

Questions of the Day:

Any guess to what my cauliflower will turn out to be?

What are you favourite toppings for greek yogurt?

Hope you have a great Sunday!


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