Spicy Food

Happy Thursday! Only one more day until the weekend Smile

Last night, I stopped in at my local market and picked up some Thai food from the food truck.


I bought the Cashew Chicken. It started out really good, I’m not that big of a fan of spicy food, but this wasn’t too bad. Near the end of the container, I bit into a dried chile by accident. I instantly spit it out, ran into the chicken, and chugged about a quarter of a carton of milk. Afterwards, I kept drinking water. My lips and tip of my tongue were burning for at least twenty minutes! I wasn’t feeling too hot either, probably the milk and spice combined. Needless to say I won’t be eating spicy food for a long time or never again!

This morning I was wide awake around 6:10. I got out of bed and finished packing all my bags. I had my gym bag, work bag, and overnight bag to finish. I left around 6:35 for the gym. Since today was leg day, I was ready and showered by 8:10. I am currently sitting at Starbucks sipping on a passion iced tea and a veggie breakfast sandwich.


I’m hoping to upload this post here, but the Wi-Fi doesn’t seem to be working. After work tonight, I’m headed to the town where I go to university for the night! My friend and I are going to be staying with our other friend. It is only for the night, but I’m sure they’ll be some stories come tomorrow.

I hope everyone has a great day!


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