Jaime Eason LIveFit Trainer Phase 2: Review

I finished Phase 2 of Jaime Eason’s LiveFit Trainer! This past month went by really fast!


  • Cardio: I realized that even though I don’t really like cardio, I was missing it in the first month of the program. Phase 2 called for 30 minutes of medium intensity cardio
  • Strength: I’ve increased most of the weight in my exercises!
  • Exercises: nothing too hard to figure out


  • Cardio: I was happy to be doing cardio, but it was really boring and hard to do the 30 minutes. A few days I didn’t do the complete 30 and today I didn’t do any at all
  • Weight: I’ve put on 4-5 pounds this month, but I know this is due to my diet
  • Motivation: the last couple of weeks I’ve just been going through the motions, I need to be more motivated

As mentioned yesterday, I’ve been eating pretty bad lately. I’ll eat good most of the day, but when I get home from work I tend to eat a lot of junk. My goal for this last phase is to clean up my diet.

Phase 3 incorporates HIIT cardio and I couldn’t be more excited. I find this kind of cardio doesn’t get boring so I feel like I’ll actually do it. I can’t wait to see the end results 🙂



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