Heat Wave

Good Morning!

Sorry for the lack of posts, work started up and I’ve been losing track of time. That will all change though as I am going to start committing more time to this blog.

The past few days have been sunny and hot (my favourite)! Today is my first day off in a week and I am planning on going to the beach. It is suppose to be reach 40 degrees with the humidity! I don’t ever remember it being that hot!

This morning started off with a grapefruit before heading to the gym. I only have one day left of phase 2 in the LiveFit Program. Stay tuned for a review on that tomorrow or Sunday. Today was leg day so I didn’t have any cardio to do. Afterwards, I went to my eye clinic to finally pick up my contacts! I’ve been wearing my glasses the past two weeks because I lost one of my contacts and I was starting to get sick of them. For all those people that work out with glasses, congrats! When I got home I dug into my overnight oats that I prepped last night. Nothing beats a cold breakfast on a hot morning.

About a half hour ago I made an egg sandwich with two eggs, cheese, and two pieces of bread. I’m hoping this will tie me over for awhile, but I’ve already eaten 2 oreos since then.

Side note on the oreos: my dad likes to buy junk food and when I know it is in the apartment I always snack on whatever it is. My goal for the next month is to try and clean up my diet.

Anyway, I’m off to pack some food for the beach. I hope everyone enjoys their day!

Question of the Day:
How do you handle cravings or deal with junk food in your house?

For me, I try not to deprive myself of foods that I like, but I try to portion control as best as possible. As for junk food in the house, you already know about my oreos. I seriously try not to eat what my dad brings home, but it is really hard!


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