Smoothie Bowl

This morning I woke up knowing I wanted a smoothie bowl for breakfast. First, I had to get blood work done and go to the gym.

I had to fast before my blood work so I was starving when I got to clinic. I had to wait probably 20-30 minutes so when I got back to my car I inhaled a banana. After that I headed to the gym to complete the biceps and back workout from LiveFit. I started with five minutes on the stair climber just to warm myself up and then pounded out the eight exercises.

I headed to the kitchen as soon as I walked in the door. I threw strawberries, mango, raspberries, almond milk, soy yogurt, and protein powder into my cup and blended away. When it was done it was quite thick enough for a smoothie bowl so I just stirred in some chia seeds and sipped away.

I’ll be going for a run with my sister and a friend later tonight, but I have a craving to go now so I may go twice. Until then, I’ll be updating my workout log on paper. I’ve been thinking about starting a workout log online too.

Have a great day!

Question of the Day:
What are some of your favourite things to throw in a smoothie?


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