Jaime Eason’s LiveFit Trainer: Week 3

Well today marks the end of my 3rd week with Jaime Eason and the LiveFit Trainer. This week there was 5 days of workouts with legs being repeated twice. There was some new exercises, but nothing too hard. I was more sore this week, but I think it was because I upped my weight on a few exercises. 

I had an embarrassing moment today at the gym. I was moving a workout bench over to a cable machine and it was a different bench that I usually use so I didn’t notice the handle on the bottom. It was heavier than the other ones so I was carrying it really awkwardly. When I was bringing it back one of the members showed me where the handle was. I was slightly embarrassed, luckily it was the end of my workout and I could take my red face to the locker room.

This week I also discovered a new favourite for breakfast and it will be perfect on hot summer days: smoothie bowls! I basically just make a smoothie, but make it thick and I don’t blend all the fruit entirely then pour it into a bowl. I add some chia seeds and I stay full until lunch!

The past few days I’ve also been running with my sister since she wants to get more fit. It’s been great sister bonding time and it makes me really want to enter a race or something. I’ve been looking at heart rate monitors a lot to and am leaning towards purchasing one.

Have a good weekend 🙂


Question of the Day:

Does anyone know a good heart rate monitor that shows the calories burned, pace, and distance covered?


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